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Core Team

Sahil Kataria
Sahil is man who believes in sharing love with all and always tries to make others happy. He like discipline in his life and expect the same. He has vast experience of 6+ year in Linux Server Support. He is fare with his work and do it always on time. Sahil is very clear in his communication and always completes his tasks rapidly in short time.
With his “Positive Attitude” he always helps his friends , cliques and QuotesNtips Team.
Sahil Kataria says : “I am from Open Source world. Life is dull without Music , I Love Music specially from 90’s.”
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Balvinder Singh Devgan

Balvinder love to work in team and good capability to maintain his team members. He enjoyed his work and life. He has started working in 2013 and because of his hunger for learning new technology he growing well and now he has great experience with Linux Server Work.
He always gives priority to user satisfaction rather than return that’s why client happy to work with him. Balvinder’s LinkedIn Profile